For those searching for a house

If you are looking for a house in Portugal but need a streamlined process without bumps on the road, you have come to the right place. Through the House Hunting service, Casa Portuguesa will look for your ideal home in the entire portuguese real estate market.

Why did we
created Casa Portuguesa?

We identified one of the biggest challenges for those looking to live in Portugal: finding the ideal house for their needs, with all the support and guidance during the purchase or lease process. That's why we work independently from real state agencies and without comissions. It's your interests we want to protect. The main focus is defending the interests of those who come to meet us. Our mission is to serve the needs and meet the dreams of those who want to buy house in Portugal.

What is
Casa Portuguesa?

Casa Portuguesa is your welcome committee if you are looking to invest and/or live in Portugal. Focused on finding properties for sale or for rent according to the wishes and needs of each client, Casa Portuguesa provides full assistance: from the house search to the conclusion of the deal, always representing the client's interests. Thanks to a vast network of partners in the real estate sector across the country, we are able to guarantee the best solutions for the property you are looking for.

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Casa Portuguesa - Real Estate Consultancy | FAQS

We are well aware of the challenges that those who decide to emigrate face when looking for a house in their new country. In a phase where so many changes are taking place, we want to be the ultimate facilitator in this part of your migration process.

We do not have commissions with partner agencies, nor properties for sale or rental. We are a mediating company between those looking for a new home and those who have them available for purchase or rent. Our focus is to help those who come to us!

Through our knowledge and experience in this sector, as well as the partnerships established with the main real estate agencies across the country, we are looking from North to South, from the coast to the interior, for your new dream home. We are your spokesperson for owners and real estate agents, as well as assisting with all the bureaucracy involved in buying and renting a property.