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Sometimes, when we buy or rent our house, it needs some work to optimize it or make it more to our liking. Other times we simply need our home to be managed while we don’t arrive to Portugal or we are away to go on vacation, or when we visit our family in our native country. Casa Portuguesa is here to help you in all these situations!

Rehabilitation and

When we find our dream house and sometimes we need a technical opinion to make sure that the house is in the best possible condition, Casa Portuguesa, together with its architecture and civil engineering partners, gathers and delivers all the information for the final report, promotes remodeling and/or construction projects of a property and monitors the entire work until it’s conclusion. Costumize your new home to fit your dream!

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Your home is in good hands with us!

Home Maintenance

Casa Portuguesa does all the maintenance of your home, whenever you need our help. We work with technicians specialized in: electricity, plumbing, painting, interior design, gardens, swimming pools, etc. Everything so you have what you need, when you need it.
Home Maintenance
Management of your property
Our team is prepared to be your representative in all condominium meetings and to be your spokesperson in key decisions.
Management of your property

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There is more to do, when it comes to managing and maintaining your home, besides the fascination. Some more complex needs - be it minor rehabilitations, or attending condominium meetings - are also part of managing and maintaining a home. We provide support in these matters so that your adaptation to your new country can be even smoother.

From rehabilitation and works, through plumbing, electricity, painting and interior decoration, to taking care of your home when you are not in Portugal. Your new property is in good hands.

By email, by phone call or via a quick message on Whatsapp. All the information you need, we’ll provide.