Live in Portugal Manual

Moving to another country is one of the biggest changes we can have in our lives. In addition to all the bureaucracy and waiting periods, we are moving to a place with a different culture, climate, cost of living, and much more. Casa Portuguesa is here to help you live in Portugal so that such a big change can be as light as possible!

Living in Portugal

Did you know Portugal is one of the European countries that better welcomes foreign citizens? Whether because of the kindness of the Portuguese people or the low cost of living, more than 500,000 emigrants live in this country, looking for a better quality of life and the necessary stability to establish their roots here.

Do you also share this dream? Download our “LIVE IN PORTUGAL” manual today where you will find everything you ever wanted to know about living on this side of the Atlantic - types of visa, security, public health, education, and more.

Download the manual “LIVE IN PORTUGAL” and get to know the country, where the roots of your heart will grow.

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